Unique Ways To Personalize Your Memorial Headstone

Unique Ways To Personalize Your Memorial Headstone

When it comes to memorializing someone’s life forever, everyone wants to honor their loved one uniquely. A memorial headstone can be as unique as your creative ability and imagination.

Personal Considerations

It’s good to pause and seriously consider some essential personal things when planning for a new monument, including:

  • What made this loved one special?
  • What sets this loved one apart from all others?
  • What organizations and service groups did they invest in?
  • How would they say a phrase, or which quote did they have on their fridge forever?
  • Worldview, family, career, hobbies, passions, interests, devotions – How can you bring all these vital aspects together to leave a long-lasting impression?

Expert memorialists meet their clients’ ongoing needs for increased personalization. They also use specialized tools to carve the granite for the accessories to be added to your customized headstone.

Cemetery Considerations

The process of personalizing a monument usually begins with cemetery limitations and allowances, which you can confirm from your memorial service provider.

Once you have the required information, you can determine the granite color, size, accessories and shape right from the beginning.

Headstone Type

People often choose to invest in added accessories such as a flower vase, porcelain photograph, and diamond-etch designs (which captures more detail than a shadow-toned design), bronze crosses or other bronze symbols, and utilizing the canvas space of the back of the upright for inscribing images and family names.

Headstone Color

Choosing a unique granite color can also change your personalization preferences. There are many granite design and color options you can choose from. Shaped carved designs can go a long way in making an impact on any granites’ color. If you want your headstone to have unique personalizations, do not hesitate to inquire with your memorial specialist.

Headstone Shape

When discussing with your memorial company representative, ask for uniquely shaped headstones that are available. They can also introduce you to some of the most famous ones praised for their increased uniqueness and high demand. There are many options to choose from when it comes to headstone shapes, sizes and accessories.

Although specific cemetery regulations regarding headstone shapes and sizes can affect or restrict your decision, an experienced memorial headstone provider always knows how to offer their clients increasingly distinctively shaped yet personalized monuments admissible to your cemetery.

Headstone Accessories

Besides selecting the right memorial stone material, message, color, and design, you can also add monument accessory items, like vases, dura-photos, emblems, crosses and doves, and statues, to add subtle enhancements to your custom headstone. You can add these accessories to your either new or existing memorials for increased personalization.

Summit Memorials takes pride in assisting you to honor your loved ones with high-quality granite memorial headstones across Alberta and Saskatchewan. Visit our website to learn more about our expert memorial offerings or contact us for personalized service.

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