In-Cemetery Maintenance
Dedicated Care For Lasting Memories

Understanding the importance of maintaining the sanctity and appearance of grave sites, Summit provides comprehensive in-cemetery maintenance services. Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary heavy-duty tools and knowledge to address common issues like deteriorating grave covers and foundations.

By ensuring access to each unique gravesite, we can perform essential maintenance tasks while upholding the respect and dignity these spaces command.

In-Cemetery Maintenance

Precision And Respect in Every Task

Factors such as ground shifting and settling can lead to the need for monument re-leveling to preserve the site's appearance and integrity.

Our use of advanced equipment, like skid steers, makes the process of leveling or removing monuments and grave covers efficient and respectful, ensuring the longevity and proper presentation of each memorial.

Our in-cemetery maintenance services include:

  • tick Specialized Equipment Access: Utilizing heavy-duty machinery to perform necessary tasks.
  • tick Grave Cover and Foundation Removal: Safely removing old or deteriorating elements.
  • tick Expert Levelling Services: Correcting issues caused by ground movement or settling.
  • tick Respectful Site Access: Ensuring careful approach and treatment of each gravesite.
  • tick Comprehensive Site Assessment: Evaluating and addressing specific maintenance needs.
  • tick Ongoing Support and Advice: Providing continuous care and guidance for future maintenance.

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