June 12, 2024

When it comes time to choose a lasting tribute for a loved one, every detail matters—from the words inscribed to the place they are engraved. On-site engraving, a specialized service offered by cemetery monument companies like Summit Memorials, allows for inscriptions to be added directly at the final resting place, ensuring that every element of […]

June 7, 2024

Creating a memorial for a child is a profoundly sensitive and heartfelt endeavour. It involves not only capturing the essence of a young life taken too soon but also providing a space where families can celebrate the joy and innocence that characterized their brief yet impactful presence. Such memorials are delicate tributes to the purity […]

May 24, 2024

In recent years, on-site engraving has gained popularity among families and headstone monument companies in Canada, like Summit Memorials, due to its unparalleled convenience for families. By offering the ability to add or modify inscriptions directly at the cemetery, this service ensures that every detail is captured in the monument without requiring transportation back to […]

May 16, 2024

In recent years, Canadian families have been embracing a more personalized approach to memorializing their loved ones, moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions towards options that more accurately reflect the individuality of those they aim to remember. Within this shift, pillow monuments have gained notable traction, offering a unique blend of traditional respect and modern design […]

May 9, 2024

Selecting a grave marker for a loved one is a deeply personal decision, one that involves thought, care, and a desire to aptly reflect the essence of the person it commemorates. This marker serves not only as a point of remembrance but as a lasting tribute that encapsulates their life’s journey, values, and the love […]

May 3, 2024

As cemeteries evolve to meet the changing needs of the communities they serve, the adoption of columbariums has emerged as a key trend. These structures, designed to house cremated remains, offer a practical and dignified solution to some of the most pressing challenges facing modern cemeteries, including space constraints and environmental concerns. The incorporation of […]

April 26, 2024

Memorialization is a fundamental aspect of the grieving process, providing a dedicated way to honour and cherish the memories of a loved one. It is more than just a tradition; it is a crucial step that helps individuals cope with loss, enabling them to express their feelings and commemorate the life of the deceased in […]

April 19, 2024

Headstones are more than just markers; they’re storied sentinels of memories, preserving the legacies of those we hold dear. But like any important monument, they require care and attention to stand the test of time, weather, and the elements. It’s about maintaining a connection, keeping the memory of loved ones not just alive but vibrant […]

April 5, 2024

Selecting the appropriate material for memorial headstones is more than a matter of aesthetics; it’s a profound decision that impacts the lasting tribute to a loved one. The right material ensures that the headstone remains a durable and timeless marker, honouring the memory of the departed for generations. At Summit Memorials, we pride ourselves on […]

March 28, 2024

In the wake of loss, humanity has long sought solace in memorializing the departed. Traditional practices, deeply rooted in cultural and religious customs, have served as pillars of remembrance for generations. From solemn gravestones to heartfelt eulogies, these rituals have provided a tangible way to honour and cherish the memories of loved ones. However, as […]

March 22, 2024

Cremation urns serve as cherished vessels that hold the ashes of our departed loved ones, symbolizing their eternal presence and the memories we hold dear. These vessels play a significant role in the grieving process, offering solace and a tangible connection to those we’ve lost. As a trusted cemetery monument company, Summit Memorials understands the […]

March 15, 2024

Creating a unique monument for couples is a beautiful way to celebrate and commemorate their shared lives and love. These memorials serve as lasting tributes, capturing the essence of their bond and the journey they embarked on together. In remembrance, the monument becomes a symbol of their intertwined lives, offering a place of solace and […]


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