Process & Planning

Where do I start?

When it comes to purchasing a cemetery monument for a loved one, it is something that is a new experience for most. At Summit, we want to make this experience as memorable and stress free as we can. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through the process and provide a digital visual concept that is based on the design, style & colour that you choose in the comfort of a private room.

In order to highlight your loved one’s personality, interests, faith, beliefs or heritage, Summit includes up to two hours of our artist’s time to create a custom design at no additional cost, so creating something special is limited only by your imagination. Once you are satisfied with the proposed design, our experienced team will create your loved ones monument and place it in the cemetery.

We would like to invite you to call or visit our showrooms in Edmonton and Saskatoon or your nearest Summit representative to assist you in the process of memorializing your loved one.

Planning Ahead

Many people find comfort in planning ahead by purchasing their own monument. Purchasing in advance provides peace of mind knowing that decisions that would otherwise fall to family members at an emotionally difficult time are taken care of.

Purchasing in advance allows you to take advantage of today’s rates and assures that you will be remembered, with a beautiful, timeless monument that reflects those things that are important to you.

When you plan ahead, Summit will design and engrave the monument according to your wishes and then place it in our secure indoor storage until it is required.

A simple telephone call or email will arrange to have the dates of passing added to the monument at no additional cost and placed in the cemetery without the need for anyone to meet with a salesperson.

Pre-Arranged Funding


Another option is to pre-arrange funding for your monument through an insurance policy. Summit Memorials is affiliated with Canada Purple Shield, which offers a wide variety of funeral insurance and final expense plans, including cemetery monuments by locking in today’s rates for your memorial. For more information about Canada Purple Shield, please visit or contact your nearest Summit Representative.

Helping Families & Friends
Honor Their Loved One