Monument Cleaning
Restore The Grandeur With Precision

Ensuring Timeless Beauty And Integrity

Summit Memorials is dedicated to the careful restoration of your monument's original elegance. We recognize the challenges that natural elements and time pose to these precious markers. Harsher stains or debris from hard water, moss or other organic growth require a level of expertise to remove in order not to damage the stone.

Summit’s mobile units are equipped with the proper cleaning agents and tools to bring your monument back to its original beauty without harming the finish.

Our expert team employs specialized techniques and gentle, eco-friendly cleaning agents designed to effectively remove even the toughest stains, such as hard water marks, moss, and other organic residues, without compromising the stone's integrity or finish.

Monument Cleaning

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our mobile units are not just vehicles; they are fully equipped with restoration labs on wheels, bringing the highest standard of cleaning technology and expertise directly to your monument's site.

We provide:

  • tick Gentle yet Effective Cleaning Solutions: Safe for all types of monument materials.
  • tick Advanced Stain Removal Techniques: Targeting specific contaminants without damaging the stone.
  • tick Moss and Algae Treatment: Specialized methods to halt organic growth and prevent future accumulation.
  • tick Water Stain Eradication: Utilizing unique compounds that gently dissolve mineral deposits.
  • tick Detail-Oriented Approach: Ensuring every letter and symbol is clearly visible and preserved.
  • tick Personalized Service: Tailoring cleaning methods to the specific needs and conditions of each monument.

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