Understanding The Use Of Headstones On Graves

Understanding The Use Of Headstones On Graves

A headstone is a marker placed on the grave of a deceased person, having the name, date of birth, and date of departure from this world. Lately, people have started to list the names of the family members that have also departed after the first person, in chronological order. This provides information about the order in which the family members have left this world. This blog talks about why people use these stones to mark the resting place of their loved ones.

To identify the grave

The primary function of a headstone is to provide identification of the grave. In a cemetery, without headstones, it becomes very difficult to identify the grave of a specific deceased person, even if you were there yourself when the casket was lowered. Chances are that, after a while, you may forget which exactly was the grave of your loved one.

The identification of the grave of a loved one is not only important for the close relatives of the departed soul. It also can help friends, relatives, and other people who know the person and come from other cities or countries. It makes it easy to identify the grave on their own. It is, after all, not always possible to take the children or close relatives of the departed soul with you to the cemetery.

To help coming generations identify

When someone leaves this world, his or her children can remember and keep the grave identifiable even without the headstone at times. But it becomes very much difficult when the next generation comes to this world, and they become adults. The graves of their grandparents need to be identified so that they know which family they belong to and who were their forefathers. This is why installing a headstone and then making sure it stays cleaned, restored, and maintained regularly. It will give the younger and upcoming generations the ability to recognize and relate to the deceased person.

To remember the deceased one

It builds a closer and warmer relationship with the deceased person if you have a headstone installed on a grave with the name and other details of the loved one. After all, this is one of the only things that they can do for the soul after its departure. It’s a way of expressing that they keep the loved one in their hearts and minds even after they have left this world. It gives them a source of catharsis as they can associate their love and closeness with the way they take care of the grave of their loved one.

To protect the grave from vandalism

Another reason why having a headstone is important is to make sure no one thinks that there isn’t anyone to take care of the grave and to restore it. It can make sure that your loved one’s grave remains valuable not only for you but also for the authorities managing the cemetery. It’s very important to keep the value and importance of the grave because it’s one of the only ways you can physically be there with your loved one.

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