Benefits Of Using Granite Headstones

Benefits Of Using Granite Headstones

Granite is one of the most commonly used stones to make cemetery monuments like headstones. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is capable of retaining its original beauty for years. Granite can be carved or sculpted into different shapes so is extremely versatile.

Choosing the right stone for your loved one’s headstone is an important decision to make. Though marble and bronze are still considered to be good options by some users, granite is still the most commonly used substance to create headstones, memorial benches, gravestones, and other commemorative items.

Let’s discuss in detail how granite headstones are a good choice when making arrangements for your loved one’s memorial.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Granite stones are available in various natural colors. The majority of granites possess patches of gold, blue, gray, or green, depending on the kinds of minerals present in them. Granites are aesthetically pleasing because no two granites can ever be identical, as they are removed directly from the quarry bed and hold many variations based on different locations.

For those who want to create elegant headstones for their loved ones in order to reflect their individuality, granite always does the trick. With granite as a building material of your headstone, you’ll have different colors to pick from, with every stone itself exhibiting unique color streaks and flecks.

This means that every granite headstone will look different from another, giving a memorial a very unique and special aesthetic appeal. Skilled artisans can work on a granite stone to include artwork, adding further individuality to your headstone.

Increased Durability

Longevity is one of the most vital things to consider while selecting a memorial stone. You’ll want your headstone to be long-lasting, keeping its aesthetic appeal, and withstanding heavy rains and hails.

Unlike marble, slate, or sandstone, granite material doesn’t stain, deteriorate, or shatter. Pure granite contains the best quality small-grained substance that can be used to create appealing headstone. Such granite headstones can remain intact with carved epitaph many generations to come. True granite headstones also resist natural discoloration and deterioration between different seasons.

Simple Maintenance

It’s effortless to clean and restore the original beauty of a granite headstone in case it gets filled with hard water, moss, lichens, and debris. You can easily clean a granite headstone using a little amount of water, dishwashing liquid, and a clean cloth.

Enhanced Versatility

Granite is a truly rewarding substance for engraving, carving, and etching, making it a perfect choice for creating a headstone. Expert technicians can carry out laser etching and sandblasting techniques on granite material successfully, which have now become standard practices for monument pieces.

All this means that you can order highly personalized, beautiful inscriptions and epitaphs on your loved one’s headstone that will have a long-lasting artistic effect.

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