Tips For Selecting The Right Memorial

Tips For Selecting The Right Memorial

Selecting the right memorial stone isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whether you’re choosing one for yourself or memorializing a recently lost loved one, there are certain things you should consider first. These include the design, installation and inscription methods, pricing, and maintenance of the grave marker or cemetery monument.

We will now explore some of the essential factors you should consider when purchasing the right memorial for your loved one.

Following Cemetery Rules And Regulations

Before buying a new headstone, make sure to take enough time to go through all the rules and regulations of your local cemetery. Most cemeteries impose certain restrictions on specialized types of monuments allowed on their grounds. Suppose your memorial park only allows upright headstones to maintain a uniform overall cemetery look. In that case, you cannot order a flat grave marker.

Other cemeteries may only allow either granite or bronze memorial stones for maintenance purposes. In addition to that, also see if there are any height or width restrictions on monuments in your cemetery. For these reasons, it’s best not to finalize a monument purchase without understanding your cemetery’s memorial rules.

Choosing The Right Material

Some of the most commonly used monument materials include granite, bronze, slate, and marble. Among these, granite and bronze are the most preferred materials for purchasing a headstone, this is due to their increased durability and ease of maintenance.

Granite is a popular choice for producing memorial stones. It’s composed of organic materials available in various color options, including blue, green, and red. Above all, granite stone’s popularity lies in its increased strength and durability.

Keeping Memorial Design in Mind

Reliable headstone engravers provide a range of high-quality design options to their clients with increased customization. That’s why you can expect to include as much customization as you would like to your preferred grave marker when choosing its design as there are various design options available to be tailored as per your preferences.

Decide on how much of a design you want to incorporate in your memorial stone; the more design elements you choose to add to your headstone, the smaller the writing area will get. Monuments come in various shapes and sizes; if you aren’t sure about which type of tombstone you should choose, it’s always a good idea to consult with a reputable monument specialist company.

You can also take pictures of your preferred headstone and show them to your expert monument builder upon selecting the right final design.

Deciding On Monument Size, Shape, And Color

Apart from design considerations, you will also have to decide what size you would like for your monument; is it for a single individual or two people? It’s also best to decide beforehand what shape you would like your memorial to be; do you prefer to use a standard form (serp top), or would you like to use a more contemporary shape?

Monument color is also one of the top considerations when it comes to purchasing a new headstone. Decide what color of granite monument you like to use; some granite colors utilize flash panels that make the letterings on your headstone stand out.

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