Benefits Of Using Granite Headstones

May 8, 2020

Granite is one of the most commonly used stones to make cemetery monuments like headstones. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and is capable of retaining its original beauty for years. Granite can be carved or sculpted into different shapes so is extremely versatile. Choosing the right stone for your loved one’s headstone is an … Continue reading “Benefits Of Using Granite Headstones”

Effects Of Public Art Projects On The Residents Of A City

April 30, 2020

Public art projects are meant to transform plain city landscapes or infrastructure into an artist’s dream. Public places that are usually crowded by people, if turned into canvases, can create really appealing and pleasing effects on the city and on the people’s minds as well. This blog will talk about the effects of these public … Continue reading “Effects Of Public Art Projects On The Residents Of A City”

Cleaning And Maintaining Monuments For Your Loved Ones

April 23, 2020

We always want the best for our loved ones, even after they have left this world and are resting peacefully. For many families it’s important to keep their loved ones graves and monuments well maintained and clean. Maintenance of a memorial stone should always be carried out by a professional who knows what he or … Continue reading “Cleaning And Maintaining Monuments For Your Loved Ones”

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