Reasons To Order A Headstone In Winter

Reasons To Order A Headstone In Winter

Memorials are a special way to cherish the time you spent with the deceased. Hence, many people end up going all out when designing a headstone . However, people often refrain from ordering memorials for their loved ones in the winter due to the harsh Canadian winter making monument installation nearly impossible.

Even if your loved one departs this life in the winter, you would most likely have to wait until the spring (usually April/May) for monument installation.Hence, many people wait until spring to place their headstone orders.

However, placing an order and getting the headstone installed are two different things. You can place the order for the memorial in winter so that as soon as spring arrives, you are ready to mark the deceased’s grave with memories of the moments you cherished the most.

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In addition, you will be surprised to know that there are various benefits of ordering a monument in winter, including:

Saving Time

There are times when families feel rushed to make decisions. They try to get the monument ordered and placed before the fall season or during the spring rush.

However, by ordering the monument over the winter months, you can take your time and order what you truly want. This way, you can design a monument that you and your loved ones will treasure instead of settling for something because it needed to be done quickly.

By taking your time over the winter months, you can involve other family members and friends to ensure everyone feels comfortable with the decision.

You Can Beat The Rush

Every spring, there is a rush for people to order monuments for their deceased loved ones. The idea behind this is that the monument can be installed before the winter months and they can complete the grieving process.

If a loved one passes away during the winter months, ordering the headstone ahead of the spring rush is the best way to ensure that it will be installed when the ground thaws out in the spring.

You Can Choose The Best Accessories

There are several monument accessories that you can choose from including vases, chic lettering, dura photos, and more. However, when you are rushed and have to urgently get a monument installed, taking your time to decide the design of the headstone and adding meaningful elements can be difficult.

Thus, if you order a headstone in the winter, you can take your time choosing the best accessories and you will have about four months to contemplate the type of monument you want to design.

Can You Install A Headstone During The Winter

Depending on the weather situation in your area, headstones may still be installed in the winter.

If you live in an area with relatively moderate weather and the snow is not more than one foot deep, the monument can be installed. However, there are a few factors that you will have to consider before installing a headstone in the winter. These are:

  • Is the ground soft enough for headstone installation?
  • Is the material durable enough to withstand harsh winter elements?
  • Will the visibility be affected due to freezing temperatures?
  • At Summit Memorials, we work extra hard to ensure that these monuments last for a lifetime. We provide a written guarantee that states the granite will never crack or deteriorate from exposure to the elements. It also states that the lettering and design will remain legible. The best part is that there is no time limit on this guarantee and no deductible.

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