Things You Should Know About Pillow Grave Markers And Headstones


In the vast realm of memorial tributes, pillow grave markers stand out as a unique choice. At Summit Memorials, as a seasoned cemetery monument company, we’ve had the privilege of guiding countless families through the journey of selecting the perfect memorial. Through our experiences, we’ve recognized the growing preference for these distinctive markers.

Pillow grave markers, unlike traditional flat markers, introduce a gentle elevation to the serene landscape of a cemetery. With their characteristic slant, they offer a refreshing take on commemorating our loved ones. But what sets them apart from the more conventional choices? And why have they gained such prominence among the various options available?

In this blog, we aim to provide a comprehensive insight into the world of pillow grave markers, exploring their design intricacies, benefits, and the unique value they bring to the memorialization process. As we unfold their story, we also shed light on the commitment and craftsmanship that Summit Memorials brings to this art, ensuring that every marker stands as a true testament to cherished memories.

The Unique Design Of Pillow Grave Markers

Pillow grave markers, often referred to as pillow headstones, offer a design that distinguishes them from their flat counterparts.

The hallmark feature of a pillow grave marker is its slanting design, which sets it apart from the more traditional flat markers. This subtle incline, with measurements typically ranging from 3 inches in the front to 6 inches in the back or 5 inches in the front to 8 inches in the back, lends a sense of elegance and prominence to the memorial.

This design not only adds depth to the appearance but also serves a practical purpose. The gentle slope allows rainwater to flow away from the surface, helping to keep the marker clean and well-preserved over time. It also enhances visibility, ensuring that the inscriptions and designs remain easily readable and free from debris.

One of the remarkable attributes of pillow grave markers is their versatility. They are suitable for both single and companion memorials. For those commemorating a single individual, a pillow marker serves as a dignified tribute. At the same time, for couples resting side by side, it offers a unified memorial space that beautifully captures their shared journey.

In the world of memorialization, the design of a pillow grave marker brings a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Its elegant slant not only elevates the memorial but also ensures that the legacy it represents endures with grace.

Colour And Customization Options

With pillow grave markers, the possibilities for personalization are vast. These markers offer a broad spectrum of colour choices, ranging from serene whites and grays to more vivid and rare colours like blues and greens. Each hue carries its own story and paints a poignant picture of remembrance when combined with the marker’s design.

In addition to the rich palette of colours, the shape of the pillow grave marker allows for further customization. While the classic rectangular form remains ever-popular, there’s an increasing trend towards more unique shapes. Rounded edges bring a sense of softness, whereas slanted variations introduce a modern touch.

With such a wide range of customization available, each marker becomes a bespoke piece, mirroring the individuality of the soul it commemorates.

Installation And Protection

The longevity and appearance of a pillow grave marker significantly depend on its installation. One common practice is placing these markers on granite bases. This elevation, albeit subtle, provides several advantages. It ensures that the marker is not in direct contact with the ground, reducing wear from environmental factors.

The elevation also offers protection during cemetery maintenance, preventing potential damages from mowing or other routine activities.

Furthermore, having the marker raised a few inches off the ground aids in protecting it against debris, ensuring that inscriptions and designs remain visible and pristine over the years.

Our professional monument installation services can provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding the most suitable installation techniques.

Polishing And Design Facets

Pillow grave markers are not just about shape; their finish and polish play an equally crucial role in their aesthetic. Families can choose to polish one, three, or even all five sides of the marker, with each choice adding a different level of sheen and refinement. A multi-sided polish not only amplifies its beauty but also aids in maintenance, making cleaning more effortless.

Additionally, the unique design of pillow markers allows for inscriptions and designs on both the front and back. This means that a family name or a shared symbol can be etched on one side, while individual names or messages grace the other, making the most of the available space.

Considerations For Etching

While etching brings depth and detail to a grave marker, certain considerations are vital when it comes to pillow grave markers. Traditional diamond or laser etching, particularly on the slanted face, can pose challenges. When these etchings become wet, like from morning dew or when sunlight hits the surface directly, the designs can become hard to see.

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For this reason, at Summit Memorials, we often recommend shadow-toned or double outline designs for pillow markers. This technique ensures better visibility and longevity, ensuring that the designs remain clear and vibrant, irrespective of environmental factors.

Summit Memorials: Crafting Memories That Last

At Summit Memorials, we understand that every life is a story worth preserving, and every memorial we create is a chapter in that story. With years of experience as a dedicated cemetery monument company, we take immense pride in crafting not just markers but enduring tributes to your loved ones.

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