Different Monument Accessories To Choose From

Different Monument Accessories To Choose From

There are many options for loved ones to choose an accessory for a headstone. If they want to make the headstone more special to match the personality of their loved one, monument service providers offer many accessories.

In this blog, we’ll see the most common accessories available to make your headstone more expressive and carry something extra to define your loved one’s personality.

Flower Vase

A flower vase can be a good option if you want to complement your loved one’s memorial with something special on an ongoing basis. You can choose a flower vase to commemorate all the beautiful memories with your loved one. It’s an accessory that accompanies a tradition of bringing flowers to the grave. Why not have a permanent place for the flowers? It marks the grave with the long-lasting love and affection you have for them.

Flowers add beauty to the headstone and show the care you have for your loved one. It shows how much you love your loved one, no matter what.

Different sizes and shapes of these flower vases enable you to choose the most suitable vase for your loved one. You can select the color that they would have chosen, maybe.

Photos & memory Medallions

You can also provide the headstone with the enhanced identity of your loved one. You can reproduce a fully colored photo of your loved one on ceramic. The tombstone will have not only the name written on it but also the photograph to complement it. It’ll also make the grave recognizable and will help visitors to make sure they know where to look.

With photos of your loved one on the headstone, you’re likely to bring up all the fond memories you have with them in your mind when you visit them.

Bronze attachments and marble statuary

You may choose from a wide variety of bronze attachments that you can affix to your headstone. It adds just a touch of finesse to the memorial. Marble statuary also serves the same purpose of making your monument special and unique. It’s a service that proves to be timeless and remains there with the memorial forever. It also adds to the artistic look of the monument, which is stunning and beautiful just as your loved one’s personality would have been.

The memorial may reflect personality traits so it remains more relatable to the character of the deceased person. The people who knew them can relate to it closely and recall the qualities of the person that has left this world, but still lives in their hearts.

Summit Memorials offers a wide range of monument accessories to choose from. Let’s have a look at the list below;

  • Memory Medallion DR Code
  • Paragon Flower Vase
  • Cameo Flower Vase
  • Gem Flower Vase
  • Crest Flower Vase
  • Medallion Flower Vase
  • Medallion Vase Emblem
  • Oval Dura-Photo
  • Rectangle Dura-Photo
  • Round Dura-Photo
  • Dome Dura-Photo
  • Heart Dura-Photo
  • Tear Drop Heart Dura-Photo
  • Bronze Cross
  • Bronze Cross & Doves
  • Virgin Mary Statue
  • Cremation Urn

Summit Memorials make sure you not only get the best-suited material, shape, and size of the monument but also have the option of selecting the right accessory for expressing your special love for the departed soul. We keep your loved one’s memorial special for you, and for that matter, we offer everything you may need to make the memorial as customized as possible to commemorate your loved one in the best possible manner. Visit our website summit-memorials.com. You may also get in touch with us by clicking our contact us page.

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