Things To Consider When Selecting A Cemetery Monument

Things To Consider When Selecting A Cemetery Monument

When you lose a family member, close friends, or loved one, finding a perfect memorial piece can become a tough task if you’re not aware of excellent quality monuments present in the market. Losing someone close to you calls for purchasing a custom memorial in order to pay your respects and honor their memories after they’re gone.

While deciding on a new monument, first, it’s vital to know and understand the rules that apply at the cemetery where you’ll be placing it. Some cemeteries have strict rules regarding the shape, size, color, and type of headstones that can be placed in them. After understanding all applicable restrictions, it’ll be easy for you to narrow down your choices.

Consider the following essential things when selecting a cemetery monument for your loved ones:

Monument Type

There are various types of custom memorials you can choose from, including upright monuments like tablets, boulders, and monoliths. Also, there are columbariums, mausoleums, and benches, which provide a unique way to honor your lost ones. If you’re looking for something more subtle, an engraved stone marker can be an ideal choice for you.

Memorial Size

When deciding the size of the tombstone, ensure that it’s in line with the guidelines provided by your cemetery. Memorials in large sizes are a good match for close family members or deceased couples. You may decide to go for an intricate grave marker, providing your budget allows.

Material Used

One of the critical elements involved in the selection process of a cemetery memorial is the type of material used in producing a particular monument. While choosing a memorial substance, you have to consider things like price, appearance and quality of the material used in making a specific monument.

Granite memorials are a good option as granite is a highly durable material. It doesn’t corrode and can last for several centuries. Granite is also available in different colors providing monuments with a unique appearance.

Memorial Design

Design considerations of a new marker usually consists of the layout for the name, dates, and other related information. Design also includes a decorative pattern in which monument technicians can incorporate some symbolism. If you’re looking for more unique or custom designs, you can also take your pictures and sketch ideas to nearby cemetery memorial specialists to turn your vision into reality.

Finish Quality

Custom monuments also come with various finish options. A polished finish gives a clean, sleek appearance that reflects light. Steeled is a non-polished finish that’s durable and smooth. If you go for granite material, you can engrave, carve, or etch it to produce a perfect memorial for your loved one due to an increased versatility of this substance.


It’s also essential to consider personalization aspects while choosing a particular monument because it consists of relevant information about the departed. Although customized designs can be a bit more costly, the freedom truly allows you to create anything you desire.

Maintenance Costs

Consider selecting a monument which provides minimal maintenance cost. Granite memorials are a good option in this regard, as they are increasingly easy to clean and preserve their original appearance.

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