Why Should You Purchase Your Headstone From A Monument Specialist?

Why Should You Purchase Your Headstone From A Monument Specialist?

Today, there are many options available when it comes to purchasing a memorial headstone for a loved one. You can order a gravestone from different places, including funeral homes, cemeteries, casket stores, florists, local monument shops, and even on the internet.

Although online purchases are on the rise, there are still some items you need to buy in-person to ensure quality monument materials, colors, accessories, and client service. Purchasing a memorial stone online or from an amateur dealer is one of the worst mistakes you can make. This is especially true when you spend considerable money on something your cemetery won’t even approve of.

Here we will provide you with concrete reasons why you should only purchase your headstone from an expert monument company:

Increased Expertise And Experience

When you opt to buy your grave marker from an experienced monument specialist, you can rest assured that you’ll get quality craftsmanship. Professional cemetery stone engravers have years of knowledge, skills, and experience about various monument designs and accessories. This way, you can create an increasingly personalized memorial for your loved one instead of ending up with a ‘cookie cutter’ memorial stone.

Knowledge About Headstone Accessories

Monument specialists know everything about headstone accessories such as dura photos, vases, lettering styles, matching bases, design options, and more. An experienced headstone dealer can take you through a range of memorial options available for purchase. They can even make suggestions about suitable cemetery markers you and your family may not be aware of yet.

Suppose there’s less space available on your preferred monument front for lettering. Your expert headstone supplier may suggest utilizing a sub-base (a granite sub-base placed between the monument and its base can add additional letterings to it) or performing lettering at your memorial stone’s back.

Cemetery Requirements Fulfilment

Professional monument dealers know everything about the particular requirements of the cemeteries present in their area. When you contact your local headstone specialist, you can count on them entirely because they will know your cemeteries’ requirements for memorial stones.

Some cemeteries may only allow upright monuments; others may prefer allowing only flat grave markers for convenient maintenance purposes. Many cemeteries only allow particular monument types as it helps them protect the overall aesthetics of the cemetery.

When your memorial installer has all the required knowledge about your cemetery, you will have increased peace of mind knowing that you will not have to go through all the hassle of asking your cemetery for approval before purchasing your desired stone.

Superior Client Service

A trustworthy monument supplier will assist you through every step of choosing your preferred cemetery stone for your loved one to turn your desired headstone designs into reality. Suppose you want to engrave religious symbols, specific letterings, or any other signs onto your purchased tombstone to honor your loved one in the most appropriate manner.

Purchasing a headstone for your loved one is a significant decision, which is why the monument specialists always make themselves available to their clients’ queries and provide excellent customer service. It’s their job to answer any questions you may have during the cemetery stone design process.

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