Why Granite Is Best For Memorial Markers

Why Granite Is Best For Memorial Markers

When choosing a monument, headstone, or grave marker for your family member or loved one, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of material used. When people try to memorialize a lifetime worth of memories for recently lost loved ones, most of them want to ensure that the substance utilized in creating a monument is not only attractive but also long-lasting.

Marble used to be a popular option for making monuments in the past. However, granite has become one of the most popular materials for making a variety of memorials. Granite is an igneous rock formed as a result of the cooling and solidification processes of lava or magma, creating a durable stone that can withstand harsh weather conditions like salt, snow, sleet, and rain.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why granite is considered the number one choice by memorial makers:


Granite is a robust natural substance that’s highly resistant to scratching and chipping compared to other commonly used natural stones like marble or sandstone. It’s an increasingly durable material that can bear much weight, making it a viable material for building monuments.

Granite is a very dense substance, which is why it’s highly resistant to harsh weather conditions over more extended periods of time. Apart from that, it can also be polished to a bright, smooth surface that can display the most beautiful intricacies and shades hidden beneath its surface.

All of these qualities of granite make it one of the most suitable materials for building monuments around the world.


Granite comes in a range of colors, ranging from dark and light grays to midnight black, blue, red, green, orange, pink, and many other shades. This wide variety of colors offered comes from various locations after determining granite’s mineral make-up in a particular geographic area.

Having a vast selection of granite colors makes it a viable choice for memorial producers throughout the world.


The tight crystalline structure of granite means it’s an increasingly hard stone, making it a perfect choice for producing memorials that can last for centuries to come. It has been successfully tested against various environmental hazards, including falling tree branches, wind storms, and hail storms.

Memorials made of granite are increasingly durable in nature that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions and other possibly damaging conditions, especially when they’re polished. According to many monument producers around the world, granite memorials are highly durable which can withstand natural elements for years to come without losing engravings etched within them.


Although sculpting granite material doesn’t come as easy as other substances like marble, it’s one of the most preferred materials for outdoor pieces like monuments and memorials. Spending the right amount of time and money to place a beautifully sculpted carving on a granite headstone is always a sensible option for many due to their increased durability and endurance.

On the other hand, sculpting a monument made of marble is effortless, but marble memorials have lower strength and cannot withstand extreme environmental conditions. Granite can also be formed into numerous elegant and unique shapes, allowing the memorial producers to have much creativity while designing personalized monuments for their clients.


Granite memorials can easily be polished using the right tools, giving them an increasingly beautiful, glossy look. A polished granite surface looks simply elegant; it magically draws out all the details and colors encased inside the crystalline structure of the granite stone in many ways.

A polished granite monument also serves as a viable protective layer. It makes a barrier between the stone’s pores and external weather, reinforcing the granite’s ability to resist severe climatic conditions, and increasing the useful lifespan of a monument. All of these factors lead to granite being the first choice for memorials.

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