Upright Monuments For Companions – A Simple And Effective Guide For Buyers

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Upright monuments for companions and families are a great way for loved ones to be memorialized together. Summit Memorial’s team of experts is ready to help you discover which upright monument is best for your loved ones to share.

Here are some factors you should consider when browsing for companion monuments.

What Makes Upright Monuments For Companions Unique?

The aspect which distinguishes companion monuments from individual ones is that they are typically bigger. A larger tablet is needed to ensure space for the information (name, birth date, death date, etc.) of each individual. This additional size also allows room for other design components on the back and front of the monument.

Additional material also provides for even more creative shapes.

What Goes Into Designing Upright Monuments For Companions?

Upright Monuments are commonly produced as a serp top, which means they have a curved top. However, our skilled designers can produce any shape that you wish. For example, a heart-shaped monument is a popular choice for a shared companion monument.

Typically, upright monuments are made from granite. But we can make them from marble and stainless steel as well. The preferred material for upright monuments is granite as it is more durable than the others. We can also add a bronze attachment to one of those materials. Our materials also come in a variety of colours.

Our customers often choose dura-photos to be placed on their upright monuments. Dura-photos, manufactured in Canada, are made from porcelain or metal and are guaranteed not to fade from exposure to sunlight. Dura photos can be made in colour or black and white. Popular dura-photos choices for companion monuments include a picture of the couple or an image representation that shows their individual or shared interests.

You can also add other accessories, such as vases and glass inlays.

Can You Add Engravings To An Upright Monument For Couples After Installation?

Unless both individuals have passed on, you will need to make later alterations to the monument at some point. If you are comfortable doing so, we recommend that you put as much information as possible for both individuals, such as name, birth date, death date, and any other images or descriptions. Any additions after the installation of the monument, such as a death date, will be an additional cost.

Our on-site engraving service is able to add additional information, inscriptions, and engravings whenever you need it. It is easy for our team, with their mobile unit, to enter the cemetery and do their work. And you won’t have to worry about consistency as they are experts at copying the engraving style, font lettering, size, and artwork so that everything looks seamless.

Our operators will use the same expert care as if they were engraving a new monument.

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