Types of Granite Headstones You Can Choose From

Types of Granite Headstones You Can Choose From

Granite is one of the most common stones used in cemetery markets. If you invest in high-quality granite, you can rest assured that it will never deteriorate.

At Summit Memorials, we ensure that our monuments will last for a lifetime. We provide a written guarantee that states that the granite will never crack or deteriorate from exposure to the elements. It also states that the lettering and design will remain legible for all time. The best part is, there is no time limit on the guarantee and no deductible.

Many people prefer investing in granite headstones because they have a good lifespan. Moreover, they are naturally available in several colours, which means they won’t lose colour and become dull due to harsh weather conditions.

However, when choosing a headstone, there are several things you should consider apart from the colour of the granite, the type of stone, and the structural integrity of the stone.

Once you decide on the type of stone and the colour you would like, you have to choose the type of headstone that you want for your loved one’s grave. The following are some of the common types of headstones you can choose from:

Upright Headstones

These stones are one of the most traditional headstones out there. They usually sit on a granite base and are popular because they can be seen or spotted even from afar. They are popular in areas that receive a lot of snowfall since they can be seen in the winter months. Moreover, upright headstones can have lettering on the front and the back.

Upright granite monuments are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. At Summit Memorials, we have a wide design portfolio that features dozens of examples for your consideration.

Flat Headstones

Flat headstones, also known as flat markers, are stones that are placed flush on the ground. They are the least expensive option for a headstone since they do not require any additional support.

However, they can only be lettered on the top. Flat markers are popular mostly because they are the most affordable type of headstone and they are easy for families to install themselves. You can get these markers in both granite and bronze.

Pillow Headstones

These stones usually consist of a sloped headstone that sits on a granite base which is used to protect the front of the monument. They slope from the back to the front and typically have a rectangular shape.

Pillow headstones are available in various sizes, colours, and styles and can be lettered/designed on three sides – the front, top, and back.


Benches are usually used for cremation plots and would replace a traditional headstone.

They are a modern alternative to headstones. Their contemporary design and functionality make them appropriate for installation in a variety of settings. These include:

  • Traditional cemetery plots
  • Non-traditional or natural cemetery sections
  • Backyard, family farm or cottage settings
  • As a public donation to community parks or charitable organizations
  • Public art projects

Benches are usually lettered/designed on the back or the front/top of the bench if it doesn’t have a back.


Another alternative to headstones is boulders. These are more commonly placed either in a cremation garden or at a private residence where the person has been cremated. This type of headstone can be lettered/designed by sandblasting or by using a bronze plaque attached to the boulder.

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