Types Of Accessories You Can Use With Monuments

Types Of Accessories You Can Use With Monuments

Losing family members and friends to death is one of the most bitter realities of this world. Saying goodbye to our loved ones is not easy. However, one final farewell is important for closure.

Closure is important to help you transition into a life without the deceased. Grief always accompanies loss, and you don’t have to rush the process of going back to your normal life.

However, there are a few things that can help you deal with grief, and one of them is bidding farewell to your loved one by honouring them one last time. Designing a monument or a headstone with love has been considered one of the best ways of saying goodbye to the deceased.

Choosing the right headstone, engraving it with dates and quotes and choosing accessories that help you relive the past is a great way of attaining closure.

We understand that in a moment of grief where you are still coping with the loss and thinking about beautiful memories of the past, choosing a monument can be overwhelming. You might even feel burdened by the task.

Hence, to help you with the process of choosing the right accessories, we have curated this blog detailing the types of additions you can make to the headstone. For further information about the material of headstones, read this blog.

Types Of Accessories Available

There are many different monument accessories that can be added to a monument. These accessories allow you to personalize the headstone such that each element can point to a time in the past that you cherish. Some of the most common accessories that you can use include:

Flower Vases

The practice of leaving flowers on a grave began thousands of years ago. The tradition traces back to when the ancient Greeks would honour fallen warriors. According to their beliefs, when flowers were rooted into the ground and grew from the gravesite, it was a sign that the deceased had found peace.

The tradition has carried on, and taking flowers to graves is still something many people like to do. Hence, adding a permanent flower vase to the headstone is often a great and meaningful idea. It will not only help keep the flowers fresh but will also provide a well-maintained aura to the grave. These vases are available in many different styles and colours. You can find them at the back of our Summit Memorials Catalogue.


Another way to personalize the headstone of a loved one is by adding a duraphoto. Duraphoto is a ceramic photo of your choice that can be done in either colour or black and white.

Depending on your requirements, the photo can be as large as 3 x 3 feet, and in any shape you like. Some common duraphoto shapes include oval, circle, dome, heart and square.

Glass Inlay

If you are looking for something semi-permanent that will not fade or decay with time, then a glass inlay is something you should look into. It is a new way to add lasting colour to a monument and is 200 times stronger than regular plate glass, making it impervious to weather.

Memory Medallion

If you want to add that extra element of oomph and personalization to the headstone of your loved one, you might like the concept of a memory medallion. It is a QR Code that is attached to the surface of the monument. The QR code can be linked to anything, a video, a picture or a document online. Many people create custom websites with memories of the deceased and link them to the headstone using the QR code.

Bronze Attachments Or A Marble Statue

Another way of adding an extra element to a headstone is using bronze attachments or marble statues. They add a timeless touch of elegance to a monument. These include bronze crosses, statues of the Virgin Mary and more.

Monument Accessories are a great way to personalize a loved one’s memorial making it “their own.” They can be added at the time the memorial is ordered or it can be done with an existing monument in the cemetery.

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