Tips For Selecting The Best Upright Headstone

Tips For Selecting The Best Upright Headstone

Choosing a lasting memorial to relay the desired testimony of your loved one correctly can be challenging. How do we adequately portray the impact this life has made on so many? How do we nicely relate the life-that-once-was to the passersby in an image? Personalization is critical in this regard.

Headstone Personalization Concerns

Ask your memorial company about the material, size, color, allowances of glass inlay, and accessories allowed in the specific section of the cemetery you are installing your upright headstone in. If personalization seems difficult or overwhelming for you, consulting with your memorial company will certainly ease the burden. They can share many examples of past works that have been done on other headstones.

Take Inspiration From Cemeteries

Note colors of granite and other noticeable features that might interest you from other memorials. There will be an array of items that catch your eye – these are the things that will be important to help personalize your memorial. There might be things you have never really noticed before; a polished-top versus a rock-pitch finish. While the rock-pitch catches the sunlight so beautifully, the polished-top leaves a beautifully smooth reflective finish.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Your budget will also play a vital role in choosing the right upright headstone. Different customization options can affect the cost of a memorial, including:

  • The color of granite
  • The number of sides finished with polish
  • The size (length, width, height) of a memorial
  • The color and size of the base
  • The foundation and memorial installation, and
  • Design concerns – will you choose a diamond-etched design? Perhaps inscribe a verse and your children’s names on the back? How much space is required?

Choose Reputable Memorial Specialists

Since most people don’t have the experience to select a headstone carefully, they’ll require a reputable cemetery memorial company’s expert help. Always look for a headstone specialist company with plenty of experience assisting families with memorials in your area. An experienced headstone dealer will let you know your options when it comes to headstone shapes, sizes, and colors and offer customization ideas.

Headstone Size And Color Concerns

Some cemeteries have size restrictions when it comes to headstones and other monuments. Luckily, the memorial expert you work with will help you determine what size limits apply to your upright headstone design before making a final purchase.

Size restrictions for headstones dictate what lengths and widths are acceptable for individual cemetery sections. Majority of monuments are made of granite. Nonetheless, it’s also worth noting that granite comes in many different colors.

We suggest having your headstone design in mind when deciding on a particular color. Some colors are more suitable than others for etching purposes. Also, specific granite headstones can be more costly than others based on a particular granite stone’s color and origin.

Customization Adds Meaning To Headstones

Think about the life story of the deceased you want to tell. Were they religious or did they enjoy certain hobbies like music or sports? Did they feel proud of their education or serve in the military? Including these types of details in your memorial design can make a headstone exceedingly meaningful.

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