Things You Should Know About Monument Restoration Services

Things You Should Know About Monument Restoration Services

A monument or memorial stone serves as a heartful reminder of a particular individual, group, or event. Preserving your headstone or grave marker in good condition demonstrates appreciation, reverence and dedication to keeping your loved ones’ memories. Monument restoration experts have the required expertise to restore your older memorials to their original glory.

Community monuments, memorial markers, and headstones tend to erode over time. Harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, wind, snow, and dirt, can make any engravings present in your monument hard to read.

The growth of natural elements such as plants and moss can also deteriorate your monument’s structure with time. Your memorial stones can also suffer from vandalism or accidental damage, due to which they need to be repaired to return them to their original condition.

Typical Monument Restoration Services

Some of the standard monument restoration services provided by memorial experts around the world include:

  • Repairing dislodged or fallen grave markers and monuments
  • Repairing broken or cracked memorial stones and bases
  • Resetting a leaning or sunken monument or headstone
  • Stabilizing a historic grave marker or memorial stone to preserve the history
  • Complete restoration of a family plot or historic grave marker
  • Removing debris, leaves, litter, lichens, vines, and moss, and other plant matter
  • Re-etching texts and letterings
  • Reattaching pictures, plaques, and decorations
  • Light & deep cleaning of grave markers and headstones

Preparing For Monument Restoration

First, the most vital thing to consider in any restoration project is to fully understand what steps you need to take to mitigate your memorial headstone’s damage or the other monuments present around it. If you’re having any second thoughts about damaging your grave marker or any other stone in the cemetery, it’s best to consult with a monument restoration specialist.

Cleaning Your Memorial Headstone

You can clean headstones as long as they’re well taken care of. The majority of memorial stones present in cemeteries are usually fragile. That’s why you should first inspect your grave marker for possible signs of cracking, flaking, or any other form of physical damage.

Many monument cleaning products and procedures usually result in long-term damage, mainly due to an unstable memorial stone. If you’re unsure whether your headstone is in the right condition for the cleaning process, consult a monument cleaning professional for expert help.

Re – Setting Your Memorial Headstone

The most noticeable part of a monument restoration process is most often the action of re-setting a headstone. With time, many memorial stones can fall over or shift. Some of your monument’s possible causes for moving from its original place include vandalism, ice, wind, plus additional weather hazards.

To prevent further damage to your memorial stone, reset your headstone or grave marker through well-trained monument restoration professionals. Monument restoration experts are familiar with local regulations for each cemetery and headstone repairing techniques and can also deal with any problems during the restoration process.

Headstone or grave marker restoration specialists will start your monument re-setting process by first removing your stone from its current base. During this process, they will raise the stone with due care to not put any undue pressure on your headstone to avoid further damage.

After lifting your memorial stone from its place, the monument experts will keep your stone in a flat position and transport it to the monument restoration shop for detailed cleaning and repair. After reconditioning and repairing your stone, they will re-align it to its new base in the cemetery.

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