Things You Should Know About Laser Etching On Granite Memorials

Things You Should Know About Laser Etching On Granite Memorials

Laser etched images are a great choice when it comes to memorial stone inscriptions. They offer an effective way of customizing a range of commemorative products, including plaques, headstones, and monuments. A dedicated monument specialist can render high-quality laser etching using a laser for etching an image onto a granite memorial to help you memorialize your loved ones.

With laser etching, a machine uses a laser to etch the stone’s surface with your desired design carefully, crafting it into the headstone’s surface. There’s no real change in the overall look or feel of the stone’s surface. Laser-etching can create more intricate, detailed images than traditional engraving due to the lasers and computerized machinery involved in the process.

Essential Considerations For Laser Etching

Here are a few things you should know about the laser etching process:

  • High-quality fine-grained black granite must be used for laser etching. Black Granite is the only granite with the contrast and fine grain required for laser etching.
  • Sometimes, people wonder how long the laser etching will last. Because this technique etches the image directly into the polished surface of the granite headstone, the etching will last as long as the polish on the monument lasts without losing legibility.
  • What kind of photographic references can be used for laser etchings? As long as the photographs used are of high resolution, almost any image can be used. These include nature scenes, poems or writings, hobbies, and favorite personal items like cars, pets, and more.
  • Monument companies will often have images you can choose from, or you can use a personalized image. For example, you could provide a picture of your farm or even a photograph of your family pet.
  • Laser etchings can provide excellent detail when compared to the original photo they intend to represent.

Advantages Of Laser-Etching

Now, we will discuss some of the major benefits of using the laser-etching technique on monuments:

High-Quality Image Impressions

As long as your memorial experts have a high-quality image to work with, they can laser-etch high-resolution images onto your headstone, offering stunning clarity on the monument. Irrespective of the amount of detail or image size, this technique can render the highest quality impressions on your desired granite memorial stone with highly skilled monument professionals.

Increased Longevity

As the laser is essentially ‘blasting’ the polish off the granite stone’s surface, the image will remain fresh and visible for all time.

Fully Customizable

Laser-etching is a relatively new technology that significantly benefits memorial companies from the technological benefits of graphic design and photo-editing software. This offers increased personalization options to those who want to include their favorite photographs on their granite headstones.

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