Things You Should Know About Adding Inscriptions To Existing Headstones

Things You Should Know About Adding Inscriptions To Existing Headstones

There might come a time when you need to add some additional letterings or inscriptions to an existing memorial stone after being set in a cemetery. Whether a headstone was placed recently or has been in the cemetery for a long period of time, our monument experts can engrave an existing monument with the utmost craftsmanship and precision.

Some additions you can do to your existing monument include other family members’ names, final dates, quotes, phrases, or prayers, personalized designs such as symbols or logos, and more. Adding an epitaph to an already set memorial stone requires skill and expertise that only professional monument on-site engravers can achieve.

There are some basic things to consider when adding an inscription to your existing headstone, like whom you should hire to do it, how much it costs, and what you should write on your monument. That’s why we have gone through some vital questions you might have in your mind to help you make an informed decision.

How Much Does It Cost To Add An Inscription To A Headstone?

The total cost of adding an inscription or any other engraving to your headstone generally depends on several factors, including inscription type, lettering style and finish type, lettering size, design intricacy, and some additional elements. It’s best to get in touch with a reputable memorial headstone engraving company for an accurate quote.

A larger memorial stone will cost more than a small one, due to the increased effort required to finish the inscription. Lettering is priced per letter/number and there are no charges for characters such as; dashes, periods or commas.

The total cost will depend on the specifications of your chosen stone size, amount of detail, number of characters, and the area you live in. Therefore, it’s best to have a conversation with your professional headstone engravers to make a final decision.

How Is Inscription Added To An Existing Grave Marker?

When adding an inscription or a name to your grave marker, the most reliable way is to hire an experienced and trained headstone engraver to perform the task on-site. This is usually done by utilizing modern engraving and etching techniques, including sandblasting, hand-etching, land laser-etching. The type of finish you achieve depends on the skills and craftsmanship of your expert monument engraver.

How Do You Choose The Right Inscription?

One crucial thing most people notice from a distance when walking past a grave marker is the picture engraved on it. A well designed image engraved or etched by an expert headstone engraver will make your memorial stone increasingly memorable.

Can You Add An Inscription Yourself?

Whether it’s a new headstone or an old one, adding an inscription to your memorial stone is an increasingly challenging task that should be left to professional memorial engravers only. Always take your time to choose the right monument expert near you when creating a new grave marker or adding names or letterings to your existing headstone.

Summit Memorials provides expert memorial services, including on-site engraving, monument installation, cleaning, restoration, and more. There’s no need to remove your headstone from the cemetery as we perform all types of inscriptions on-site. Our team will arrive with our lettering trailer and perform the inscription work right on the spot.

We can match the size and font for any memorial stone – it doesn’t have to exclusively be a Summit monument for you to avail of our on-site inscription and engraving service. Besides letterings, we can also add other highlights and components to your existing headstone as well.

Visit our website to learn about our professional memorial services or contact us for personalized care.

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