Things You Should Know About Pillow Grave Markers And Headstones

Things You Should Know About Pillow Grave Markers And Headstones

Pillow grave markers are similar to flat markers in many ways. However, the significant difference between the two headstone types lies in their shape, available in various sizes and colors. Pillow markers are more elevated at the back than on the front side. They are generally inclined three inches in the front to six inches at the back or five inches in the front to eight inches on the backside.

The following are some essential things you should know about pillow grave markers and headstones:


The best feature of pillow grave markers is that they are highly customizable. You can ask your monument specialist to customize your grave marker, depending on your preference.

Some of the common types of pillow grave markers are:

Pillow-Top Headstone With A Vase

Pillow grave markers can come with a permanent vase, usually attached to the grave marker’s base instead of the memorial itself. Check with your memorial company regarding the kind of flowers you can leave as a decorative marker permitted by your cemetery.

Single And Double Pillow-Top Headstones

You can order pillow-top headstones in different sizes, single and double pillow-top headstones, depending on the amount of information you need to print on them. While the single pillow-top type may be large enough to contain information regarding one descendant, you can choose the double pillow-top type to label the gravesite of a couple.

Granite Pillow Headstones

Pillow grave markers made from granite come in a wide range of attractive colors. Always check with your memorial specialist to see if your cemetery of choice allows a granite pillow headstone in your preferred color. Compared to marble markers, granite monument markers are increasingly durable and less expensive.

Pillow Headstone With An Image

Many people ask their monument experts to imprint their favorite pictures on their pillow headstones due to the increased demand to include photographs on loved ones’ headstones.

Pillow Headstone With A Bronze Plate

You can also ask your memorial supplier to attach a bronze headstone to a granite pillow-shaped base. The slight slant of a pillow grave marker can make the bronze headstone noticeable from a considerable distance.

Some of the other pillow grave marker types include pillow markers polished on the front, pillow markers shaped like an open book, pillow headstones with customized graphics, pillow headstones for veterans, pet pillow markers, and more.


Pillow grave markers typically come in a rectangular shape. However, you can customize them into any form, such as rounded, slanted, and more.


These memorials usually sit four to six inches off the ground on a granite base. This base helps protect these markers against potential damage from lawn mowers or other cemetery maintenance equipment.


Diamond etching or laser etching is not usually encouraged on a pillow grave marker. If the etching becomes wet or if the sun shines directly onto the marker’s face, it can make the design hard to see. Thus, it is better to use a sandblasted design on these markers.

Cost Concerns

The price of pillow grave markers varies significantly, depending on the material type (granite, marble, and others), monument size (single or double), and how much text you want to engrave on your memorial stone. Other factors that could also affect your grave marker’s final price depend on the installation method, maintenance, restoration, and headstone accessories.

Polishing And Inscription

You can polish your pillow grave marker on one, three, or five sides. You can have your family name placed on the front and the back of a pillow grave marker as well.

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