The Difference Between Two Main Types Of Engraving On A Monument

The Difference Between Two Main Types Of Engraving On A Monument

There are two main types of cemetery stone engraving on monuments that are prevailing. Traditional engraving and laser engraving are two ways of engraving information about the deceased. This blog discusses the differences between these two types and includes who should choose traditional engraving and for whom laser engraving would be a better option.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving offers a different style of engraving with more options as compared to traditional engraving. A monument on which you use laser engraving becomes visible after the completion of the engraving process. It’s usually cleaner than engravings done by other methods. There are various fonts from which you may choose from. This is one reason why laser engraving is becoming popular. Laser engraving gives you more variety in the fonts and styles for your monument. You have the luxury of selecting the right one that goes along with the personality and life, your loved one lived.

Another thing you can do with laser engraving is to add artwork to the monument to commemorate your loved one better. People who want more color and vibrant designs usually go for laser engraving.

Laser engraving enables the font to stay for eternity but is not legible when wet or in the bright sun. The reason is that there is no additional damage to the surface of the monument while cutting the surface. It keeps the surface firm and durable. Allowing it to last longer than other traditional engraving methods.

Traditional Engraving

Traditional engraving offers a rustic and traditional appearance. Traditional engraving is completed by applying a rubber stencil to the stone and sandblasting the engraving into the polished surface. Traditional engraving remains legible even when wet and if properly completed, will last forever.

If you want to conclude which one would be the best option, you need to look at the factors, the main one being legibility when wet or in bright sunshine. Both types have their advantages and benefits, and at the end of the day, you have to decide which would be more suitable.

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