Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Memorial

Reasons Why You Should Pre-Plan Your Memorial

It may feel a little awkward, but pre-planning your memorial and funeral will not only benefit you significantly but your family and loved ones as well. Irrespective of the service type, expert memorial service providers make the funeral prearrangement process as comfortable as possible. They plan their memorial services thoroughly, allowing families to say a meaningful goodbye to their loved ones.

What Is A Memorial Pre-Plan?

Just like a pre-planned funeral, a pre-planned memorial is performed while you are alive. Pre-planning is one step to being organized, proactive, and a way to self-appoint some directives concerning your end-of-life wishes.

Pre-planning is simply, “making a plan.” The most significant value in this is that your loved ones will know your wishes. This will allow them to have a more comfortable journey through their grief when honoring those wishes. These conversations with your loved ones are incredibly valuable, even though they are not easy to make.

We will now discuss some of the main reasons why you should pre-plan your own memorial:

Easing The Burden On Your Loved Ones

Pre-planning your memorial eases the burden on your loved ones in the event of death; in multiple ways, they garner peace. As most of the options are already determined, a memorial pre-plan may help in ways that may include:

  • Lessening the pressure to make it “just right”
  • Money being set-aside because you know the costs associated with your wishes
  • Any family dysfunctions are kept to a minimum; as all the decisions will have already been made

Purchasing Your Memorial In Advance

To take your organized preparations one step further, you can pre-purchase your memorial. So, instead of just “talking about it,” you can go through the actual steps involved in making a purchase. Once you begin, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and/or decisions required for a cemetery marker (depending on your cemetery by-law allowances).

Imagine your family trying to make these decisions in a state of grief or sheer exhaustion. Planning ahead will save your loved ones from the pressures of making these tough decisions and can provide them with greater peace throughout this time.

Avoiding Inflation And Inflated Memorial Prices

Another benefit is that pre-purchasing allows you to assume the purchase’s financial responsibility while also making a purchase happen at today’s prices. The funeral industry is no exception to inflation. When prepaying for a funeral service, you complete a contract that locks the price in. In this way, your family will not be charged more for your memorial despite the inflation rate when the time comes.

It Completes Your Estate Planning

Pre-purchased memorials can be placed in cemeteries in advance of need. This too, may provide savings by acquiring a cemetery plot at today’s prices. Then, in years to come, your family can visit your final resting place, knowing “this is exactly what you wanted.”

For others, the best option is to have their Memorial Company store their pre-arranged memorial for a small surcharge. Again, having an open conversation with your loved ones is vital so that this information is known. By planning your memorial, you can avoid ending up with a monument that doesn’t reflect you or the life you’ve lived.

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