What Is Involved In Headstone Restoration?

What Is Involved In Headstone Restoration?

After your loved one leaves the world, the grave and the headstone you design for them become the only connection you have to them, hence, for most people keeping the headstone of their loved one in pristine condition is extremely important.

However, restoration of a memorial is not exactly an easy task. No matter how sturdy and durable a headstone is, it is not impervious which is why with age, corrosion, vandalism, and weathering it can become brittle and more susceptible to damage. Headstones use materials that will last a long time such as granite, marble and bronze. Even with these materials, they will see wear and tear due to weathering and other elements surrounding the headstone

In most cases, with professional help, you can repair a headstone, restore it to good condition and prevent further damage. Many factors have to be considered while restoring a headstone, these include:


Make sure the headstone has no cracks and is structurally sound before you begin. Look for erosion, flaking, or scaling. If you notice any of these, contact a reputable memorial company for their help rather than attempting to try and restore it yourself.

Condition Of The Headstone

If the headstone is dirty, what kind of dirt are you dealing with? Is it just dirt, or is it moss, lichen, water stains, or something else? Depending on the severity and condition of the headstone, a memorial specialist will decide what steps to follow in order to restore the headstone.

If you are planning to clean the headstone yourself, always start with the gentlest method first. Rinse the headstone with water and see what comes off. If dirt and debris still remain, rub with a soft-bristled brush and re-wash. Use soapy water, DO NOT use vinegar, lemon cleaner, or any other acidic cleaner as it may harm the headstone. It is important that you use only approved cleaners, if you have questions it’s best to reach out to a memorial company who provides headstone restoration services.

In addition to this, it is important that before cleaning the whole monument, you test a small area where it is inconspicuous to make sure the cleaner works properly without causing any damage or leaving any marks behind.

Clean from top to bottom, rinsing the headstone periodically. This is important as it will rinse any leftover cleaner or residue. This ensures that the cleaner will not leave a blotchy appearance when you are finished.

Temperature Conditions

It’s important to make sure that the temperature for the next couple of days after washing the headstone is not going to be too cold. The headstone may take a few days for the water to completely evaporate from the monument so you don’t want frost during that time, if the leftover water freezes, it can cause damage to the headstone leading to cracks and breaks.

If you are at all uncertain about the cleaning, it is best to contact your monument company and ask them any questions or have them clean the headstone themselves as they have the knowledge and experience.

Note that no matter what, don’t attempt gravestone repair with caulking, glue, silicone, packaged concrete, and other adhesives. Also, refrain from using power tools to repair a gravestone that is already brittle or fragile.

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