How To Select The Right Flat Grave Marker For Your Loved Ones

How To Select The Right Flat Grave Marker For Your Loved Ones

The best way to honor and commemorate your recently lost loved one’s legacy is by purchasing a thoughtfully chosen monument from a reliable memorial specialist. Many Canadians prefer to mark their friends’ and family members’ burial sites with a beautiful flat grave marker. This is a specialized headstone type that lies flat on the surface of the ground.

Before discussing how you can choose the right grave marker, you first need to know their different types.

Types Of Grave Markers

The terms gravestones, headstones, and grave markers are used interchangeably, mainly referring to any memorial type placed on a grave. Most cemeteries use the term ‘monument’ to specify an upright memorial and use ‘markers’ to refer to flat gravestones.


Common types of monuments include:

  • Upright Headstones – granite upright headstones are the most common monument types seen today. They come in two pieces; a top (tablet, rectangular, curved, wavy, or in any other shape) and a base
  • Slant Markers – these also come with a top and a base and could be placed directly on the lawn
  • Memorial Benches – granite memorial benches are available in a range of styles and colors, made with or without a seatback
  • Obelisks – these are tall, column-like monuments having four sides. These are generally mounted on a thick square base


Common types of markers include:

  • Flat, Flush, Or Lawn-Level Markers – these granite or bronze markers are small markers that are placed a few inches above the ground or set flush on the grounds surface
  • Ledger Markers – these are granite or bronze slabs that cover the entire gravesite and are sometimes used alongside headstones

How To Select The Best Flat Grave Marker

When selecting a new flat grave marker for your loved ones, consider the following essential design elements to choose the best memorial stone that will serve as a permanent memorial.


Choosing the right flat marker shape is essential as it is one of the most vital design elements of a flat memorial gravestone. The first thing you must decide is what shape you would like your flat grave marker to be. The majority of flat headstones are rectangular; however, you can order a customized marker virtually in any form you desire.


It’s best to determine what granite color you would like to use in your flat grave marker. There are many different color choices out there, that affect the overall pricing. Your final choice will also impact how the memorial specialist engraves your grave marker’s lettering and design. Lighter granite colors will require a flash panel – a “flashed” panel around the lettering or double outlined around the design, so it shows up better.


Next, you will need to decide what you would like to include on your flat grave marker (lettering and design) to choose how large it should be. You must determine whether this is for a single person or a couple. Depending on how much lettering/design you want to include on your marker, the smaller/larger the lettering will get.


You can also decide what font you would like to use for the lettering – it can be a block font or a script; it’s totally up to you. Again, some fonts are larger than others, so the space available on your marker might also be an issue. Your headstone specialist can help you choose the best font for lettering based on the area of your flat grave marker.


You may also want to think about including a color/black and white photo onto your flat marker. This is a great way to personalize your grave marker with a photo of your loved one.

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