How Much Should I Pay For A Headstone In Alberta?

How Much Should I Pay For A Headstone In Alberta?

A cemetery gravestone’s overall cost, like a headstone, grave marker, or tombstone, depends on certain factors, including the memorial stone’s material, design, color, inscription, lettering, and artwork. Often, small details, such as the color and finish, can also increase or decrease the monument’s price.

Certain other factors affect a headstone’s price in Alberta, including its size, shape, number of polished surfaces, installation method, accessories, and other related elements.

Types of headstone

There are three types of headstones: flat marker, pillow headstone, and upright headstone:

  • Flat markers range in price anywhere from around $900.00 and up
  • A pillow headstone might cost anywhere around $1500.00 and up. This is more than a flat monument because you are adding a granite base, and the pillows are sloped (around 5 inches high at the front and 8 inches high at the back), so they are typically thicker than a flat marker
  • An upright headstone will also start around $1500.00 and up as they also include a granite base and are thicker as well (about 6 inches thick is a standard thickness, but you can go thicker (8-10 inches) and less thick (3-4 inches)

Other things that could impact the final price of a headstone might include:

Color of Granite Headstone

Some colors will cost more than others, depending on where in the world the granite is sourced from. For instance, the ‘premium black’ granite comes from Africa, India, and China, the ‘Stanstead Grey’ granite comes from Canada, ‘Blue Pearl’ granite comes from Norway.

Overall, the location of a particular quarry, the supply of the granite stones, and the quarry’s operating costs decide the final headstone production cost.

Size Of The Headstone

When selecting the headstone, you will need to decide if it’s for a single person or a couple. How much information will need to fit on this particular headstone? How much design or artwork will be required? All of these factors will primarily affect how big your monument needs to be.


You can consider certain things about your desired cemetery stone’s shape; do you want it to be of a standard form, or do you want it to be a customized one? The more the granite is shaped, the more it will cost. You may also consider a few things about polishing your upright grave marker; how many monument sides do you want to get polished? The more the granite stone sides are polished, the more time the monument specialist will require to complete your headstone.

Installation Method

Smaller headstones are much easier to install, but once you get into the larger pillows and uprights, they become more difficult. Most monument companies use heavy equipment such as cranes on their installation vehicles to move these heavy headstones. They usually will include a foundation as well if the cemetery does not provide one.


Essential headstone accessories can include things like vases, porcelain photos, custom designs, matching/extended bases. These features complement headstones very nicely and provide your headstone with timeless features once added.

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