How To Choose The Best Tombstone Epitaph For Your Loved One

How To Choose The Best Tombstone Epitaph For Your Loved One

Whether you are planning for your cemetery memorial or making necessary arrangements for a recently lost loved one, finding the right tombstone epitaph can become quite challenging. When selected correctly, an epitaph can serve as a perfect inscription to write or engrave on your friend or family member’s granite headstone.

It’s crucial to find the right cemetery headstone when you’ve just lost a loved one. It is always best to take your time and make thoughtful decisions about the memorial selection. The best course of action is to talk to an experienced monument specialist to decide vital aspects of your grave marker, including its material, size, design, shape, color, inscription, and epitaph.

The following are some suggestions to help you choose the most appropriate tombstone epitaph for your loved ones:

Choose An Epitaph That Shows The Person’s Character

Ask friends and family members about certain qualities they most cherished about the one that recently passed away. Some examples might include:

“He was a loving and loyal friend,”

“He lived life to the fullest,” or

“He had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh.”

Listing certain character qualities of your loved one can help you craft a heartfelt epitaph that will pay a fitting tribute to them for a long time to come. Headstone epitaphs based on an individual’s attributes can help family members recall precious memories when visiting the gravesite.

Choose An Epitaph That Shows The Person’s Interests/Hobbies

Were they passionate about a particular hobby in their life? Was there an activity that they enjoyed doing the most? A suitable example could be as simple as:

“Gone Fishing,” or

“Looking After Heaven’s Garden.”

These will leave people with an image of the person that has passed away doing what they loved to do. Epitaphs related to hobbies can also comfort friends and families with the cherished memories they shared engaging in those activities.

Choose An Epitaph That Reflects Their Spiritual Beliefs

Using spiritual epitaphs or powerful quotes from the Bible, Torah or Quran can comfort friends and family members. Here are a few famous spiritual quotes:

“Safe in the arms of Jesus,”

“God Called Me Home,” or

“Where He Leads Me I Can Safely Go.”

You can also choose exact verses from the holy scripture. Choosing such unique spiritual words can bring much comfort to close ones while they’re in grief.

Choose An Epitaph That Talks About The Person’s Relationships

You can also consider a person who was special in their lives, like:

“Beloved Husband, Father, and Grandfather,”

“Jennifer Was A Dedicated Wife and Teacher,” or

“Joe Was A Loving Husband And Inspiring Coach.”

Phrases like these serve as an excellent means of giving a more personal touch to the final resting place of your loved one.

These are just a few examples of how to come up with an epitaph for your loved one. If you are unsure and need some help, you can always talk to your memorial specialist. You can also check out some of the most recent or beautifully crafted tombstone epitaphs with them to get an idea of what you can put on your loved ones’ epitaph. Doing so might help inspire some examples of your own.

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