3 Important Considerations When Using A Headstone Cleaning Service


A monument is a physical remembrance of your loved one that deserves to be maintained and cared for like any precious heirloom. You can do this by ensuring its physical upkeep. Is your loved one’s headstone in need of good cleaning or maintenance?

If so, Summit Memorials professionals are well-equipped to preserve the elegant look and craftsmanship that made you choose the monument in the first place. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of using a headstone cleaning service like ours.

Why Do You Even Need A Headstone Cleaning Service?

Headstone Cleaning

Monuments are left exposed to the elements throughout the year. Rain, sleet, snow, and wind lead to monuments collecting dust, stains, or even biological growth like fungi, moss, or weeds over time.

With that said, there can be some benefits to natural exposure. While dust and stains can negatively impact the look of the monument, often bronze headstones develop a patina. Patina (caused by the oxidation of the copper in the bronze material) is an aesthetically pleasing natural look that develops over time. A natural patina can give your headstone a distinguished look.

Unappealing stains can be removed through the use of an appropriate cleaning agent that suits the monument’s material. It is very important to remove creeping biological growth as soon as possible. This growth can trap moisture in a way that may damage the stone over time. Strong roots can also break up the stone which would lead to significant damage to the monument.

Choosing to not have your loved one’s headstone cleaned risks both its structural and aesthetic integrity.

Can I Clean The Headstone Myself?

Some people may decide to clean the headstones themselves. In the event that you do choose to do this and you notice that the monument material is cracking, flaking, or chipping, you should stop cleaning immediately.

You do not want to cause more damage as it is very easy to accidentally be too rough. This is why gentle tools are needed, as well as the appropriate cleaning agents. Significant damage can also cause upright monuments to lose stability making cleaning a dangerous endeavour if proper safety precautions are not met.

It is for these reasons that we suggest that you call a headstone cleaning service to ensure any potential issues are dealt with properly.

Why Summit’s Headstone Cleaning Service?

Weather, material, biological growth, and stains are just some of the many variables to consider when looking to have your headstone cleaned. You can save yourself the hassle of cleaning it yourself by trusting us with headstone maintenance.

Summit Memorial’s mobile units are equipped with the proper cleaning agents and tools to bring your monument back to its original beauty without harming the finish and skilled craftsmanship.

Our headstone cleaning service not only restores the aesthetic appeal of your headstone but also ensures that the monument retains its charm for an extended period.





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