Grave Headstone Engraving: 3 Things To Be Aware Of When Wanting To Add Something New


Do you need additional grave headstone engraving for your loved ones’ already installed monument? Maybe a name, date, design, or quote? On-site engraving is the best way to get the job done!

As a professional cemetery monument company, we have assembled a team of skilled professionals who offer bespoke engraving services designed to meet your individual requirements.

What Is On-Site Grave Headstone Engraving?

On-site engraving is when additions or upgrades are made to a monument that has already been installed in a cemetery. For example, if you have a married couple’s shared granite monument or a grave headstone engraving, you may want to add an additional death date once both partners have passed.


What Are The Benefits Of On-site Grave Headstone Engraving?

The benefit of making changes in the cemetery is that the grave headstone does not need to be disturbed or moved to make the alterations. This means that we do not remove the monument from its foundation.

It is easy for our team, with their mobile unit, to enter the cemetery and do their work. This reduces both the labour and time required. Not moving the grave headstone also avoids the risk of damaging the monument in transportation.

Our operators use the same expert care as if they were creating a new grave headstone. They are experts at copying the grave headstone engraving style, alphabet, lettering, font, sizes, and designs so that everything looks seamless.

It doesn’t matter if we originally built the headstone or if another monument company did. A common new trend we see families asking for is adding text to the back of the monument, even if there was no grave headstone engraving on the back before.

How Does On-site Grave Headstone Engraving Work?


Our operators use a mobile unit to go out to cemeteries to make any needed changes. We equip the mobile unit with a stencil-cutting machine that can create stencils that can be applied to the monument. The mobile unit also has a high-powered sand blasting machine like the one in our shop.

Additionally, while our operators are on site, they can perform maintenance on the headstone, such as cleaning and re-highlighting. Monument cleaning is important for preserving the grave headstone’s appearance and longevity.

On-site engraving can be done on granite, marble, and other types of materials. However, it cannot be done on bronze or metal materials as those must be removed from the cemetery for alterations.

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