Frequently Asked Questions About Monument Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions About Monument Accessories

Adding accessories to a granite or bronze monument is an excellent way of personalizing your memorial headstone. These mainly include full-color porcelain dura-photos, flower vases, glass inserts, a memory medallion QR code, and others. You can select any of these grave marker add-ons to complement your memorial stone. You can also ask your headstone specialist to help you choose the best option that will go with your cemetery stone.

As memorial experts, we will now provide some answers to some of the most common questions clients regularly ask us about monument accessories:

FAQs About Monument Photos

What Are Memorial Photos Made Of?

Manufactured in Quebec, Summit’s dura-photos are made from porcelain or metal. They are increasingly popular monument accessories throughout Western Canada.

How Many Colors Do Memorial Photos Come In?

Dura Photos come in both black & white and color, guaranteed not to fade from exposure to sunlight. They are even guaranteed against vandalism.

Can I Add A Memorial Photo To An Existing Monument?

Yes, we can go out to the cemetery and, as long as there is room, we can place it on the memorial right in the cemetery. There’s no need to remove the monument to add a dura-photo onto your headstone.

FAQs About Flower Vases

How Are Flower Vases Fastened To A Headstone?

At Summit Memorials, our memorial installation experts drill a hole in the monument base and insert a brass lug which is used to secure the vase permanently.

What Colors Do Flower Vases Come In?

Flower vases come in various colors – Ebony, Silver, Statuary Bronze, Dark Grey, Sapphire Blue, Sunset Rose, Mahogany, and Ruby.

Will I Need A Larger Base To Place The Flower Vase On?

This depends on your vase’s size and how many vases you would like to place on your monument. There are vases available that do not require an extended base. However, most of the time, you will need to extend the base by six inches per vase.

FAQs About Glass Inserts

How Are Glass Inserts Made?

Summit’s glass inserts are fired in a kiln for 30 hours and are 200 times stronger than regular plate glass, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions, like sunlight, rain, snow, and more.

Are Glass Inserts Available For Any Monument Design?

Most of Summit’s monument designs can be inlaid with colored glass, which comes in many different colors.

FAQs About Memory Medallions

What Is A Memory Medallion?

A memory medallion is a QR Code attached to the monument’s surface that provides a lasting multimedia remembrance to those visiting the gravesite of their loved ones.

How Does A Memory Medallion Work?

You can use your phone to scan the QR code/barcode on your memorial stone. After scanning, you will be directed to a website where you can view stories, photos, and videos.

What Are Memory Medallions Made Of?

Memory Medallions are usually made from aluminum. They are engraved on a memorial headstone with a laser and can last for many years.

About Summit Memorials

At Summit Memorials, we ensure you get not only the best-suited granite memorial material, shape, and size, but we will also help you choose the right accessory for your monument. To make your memorial special, we do our best to fully customize your memorial headstone to help you commemorate your loved one’s memory in the best possible manner.

Visit our website to see our selection of monument accessories or contact us if you have any specific questions.

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