Different Monument Styles And Shapes To Choose From

Different Monument Styles And Shapes To Choose From

When it comes to honoring the memory of a recently lost loved one, you can find various memorial options, like granite or bronze grave markers, headstones, tombstones, columbariums, benches, boulders, and more. You can choose one of the most common monument styles, including upright, pillow, and flat or flush memorials. You can also opt for a few alternatives, such as a bench, boulder, or personal columbarium.

Here, we will discuss different monument styles and shapes in detail to help you choose a personalized memorial stone:

Flat or Flush Monuments

Flat or flush memorials are usually less expensive than other monuments. These are easy to maintain and also more manageable for the cemetery to mow the grass. However, one major disadvantage is that you need to stand over a flat marker to read it properly. Moreover, it gets harder to find the grave, and flat markers overgrow with grass over time.

Pillow Monuments

Pillow monuments, also called bevel markers, come with a slight slope, making the memorial easier to read. The slope also helps the pillow stay clean far better than a flat grave marker. In addition to that, using a bevel monument makes it easier to find the grave.

However, one significant drawback of using pillow memorials is that there’s less space available for lettering/design as they are usually only 12 inches wide in most cases.

Upright Monuments

Upright headstones are one of the most widely used cemetery memorials today. One of the top reasons to use upright monuments is the maximum area for lettering/design. The bigger size of upright makes it easy to read inscriptions, lettering, or design from a distance.

A highly skilled memorial specialist can shape these single upright grave markers in various ways, including teardrop, heart, and other custom designs. They can also inscribe names, symbols, and other beautiful elements with remarkable detail, thanks to the ample space available on the uprights.

However, the only major concern would be that upright monuments are easier for someone to push over, which rarely happens if a professional monument installer completes the installation.

Traditional Monument Alternatives

Granite Benches

Granite benches are different from traditional cemetery memorials. The unique shape of a granite bench makes it easier to find them. These provide a place for visitors to sit and relax. A certified memorial company can also help you personalize your granite bench with beautiful images or any other relevant information about the deceased. Granite memorial benches come in various styles, including straight, curved, kidney-shaped, and others.

However, the limited space makes it challenging to execute the lettering or design on them.

Granite Boulders

Granite boulders are becoming one of the most popular alternative options to traditional monument types. Their unique shape also makes it easy to find them in various settings, including conventional cemeteries, family backyards, public art projects, and more.

A boulder must have a smooth or polished surface to perform lettering or specific designing on it. Some cemetery regulations may not allow boulders in certain areas.

Finding the right cemetery headstone for a recently lost loved one requires much knowledge and understanding about different monument types. Always consult with your cemetery monument expert, who can help you make the right decision based on certain factors, like your budget, cemetery space restrictions and regulations, and more.

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