Common Questions Asked By Our Clients – Insights From Memorial Specialists

October 19, 2023


Choosing a memorial is an incredibly personal and profound endeavour. It represents a tangible tribute to a life lived and a mark of enduring love and remembrance. During this journey, the expertise of a headstone monument company becomes invaluable.

At Summit Memorials, as dedicated memorial specialists, we understand the depth of emotions and the weight of decisions that come with selecting the perfect memorial for a loved one.

Over the years, while guiding families through the intricate process of designing monuments, we’ve encountered a myriad of questions and concerns. These inquiries often touch upon the design, aesthetics, durability, and cost of the memorials. Clients seek clarity, desiring to make informed choices that truly reflect the spirit and essence of their loved ones.

As we venture further into this blog, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions, providing insights that stem from our years of experience and dedication in the field.

Question 1: How Big Does The Monument Have To Be?

One of the foundational decisions when choosing a memorial is its size. The dimensions of a monument aren’t arbitrary; they are influenced by a combination of personal preferences and external regulations.

Primarily, the size often corresponds to whom the monument is dedicated. For instance, a monument for an individual might differ in size compared to one meant to commemorate two people, such as a married couple.

Moreover, the amount of information or design to be included plays a pivotal role. Some families wish for elaborate epitaphs, quotes, or intricate designs, all of which require adequate space to ensure visibility and legibility.

Question 2: Does Colour Make Any Difference?

Absolutely! Colour is not just an aesthetic choice when it comes to memorials; it plays a significant role in several aspects of the monument creation process. As a leading headstone monument company, we often guide families on the implications of colour choice, especially concerning engraving and pricing.

Firstly, colour can influence the method and clarity of engraving. Lighter colours, for example, may require specific techniques to ensure that inscriptions and designs are visible. Often, with pale granite shades, a flashed panel may be necessary for lettering, while designs might need a double outline for proper definition.

Such nuances in engraving methods ensure that the beauty and legibility of the monument’s design are maintained throughout the years.

Furthermore, the choice of colour directly impacts the cost of the monument. The price disparity arises from the fact that certain granite colours might be rarer or sourced from specific locations, making them more costly than others. For instance, exotic hues or unique patterns might come at a premium compared to more common granite shades.

While personal choices are at the forefront of this decision, it’s equally essential to be aware of cemetery regulations. Different cemeteries have varying guidelines regarding the size of the monuments they allow. These rules are often in place to maintain uniformity, ensure safety, and optimize space.

Before finalizing any design, Summit’s knowledgeable staff will consult with the cemetery to understand their specific size constraints and guidelines.

Question 3: What Affects The Price Of The Monument?

Monument pricing is one of the most frequently asked questions we encounter at Summit Memorials. Understanding what goes into the cost can help families make informed choices.

Here are the primary factors that influence the price:

    Size: Naturally, larger or thicker monuments, designed to accommodate more details or for multiple individuals, tend to cost more due to the increased material and craftsmanship required.

  • Colour: Some granite shades are rarer or need to be sourced from specific global locations, potentially raising the price.
  • Polishing: Monuments can vary from having a single side polished to up to five sides. The more sides that are polished, the higher the cost due to the extended labour involved.
  • Shape: Custom shapes or intricate designs can be labour-intensive and might command a higher price compared to standard forms.
  • Accessories: Inclusions such as vases, custom images, additional bases, or lettering on the back of the monument can add to the overall cost.

Different companies have varying inclusions when quoting a monument’s price. At Summit Memorials, we pride ourselves on transparency and value. Our pricing includes:

  • Lettering: All standard lettering is included on the front surface of the memorial, ensuring that families can memorialize their loved ones without constraints.
  • Standard Design: Our prices encompass a range of standard designs, allowing for personalization without hidden costs.

However, it’s essential to manage the amount of lettering and design to maintain clarity and legibility on the monument. Moreover, every monument from Summit Memorials comes with our Memorial Guarantee, a testament to our commitment to enduring quality.

Question 4: Can We Put Anything On The Back Of The Monument?

Absolutely, as long as the back of the memorial is polished! The back of a monument offers an additional canvas for personalization. Families often choose to feature the family name, making it visible from both directions. This space also lends itself well to incorporating pictures, perhaps of a cherished family farm or another location that holds special meaning.

Unique designs that resonate with the family’s history or the passions of the departed can also find a home here.

Moreover, the back can serve as a place to inscribe specific wordings, such as listing family members or adding a memorable quote.

Question 5: Can We Put Custom Images On The Monument?

Certainly! Custom images breathe life into a monument, making it a truly personalized tribute.

There are various methods to bring these images to the granite’s surface. One such technique is diamond etching or laser engraving, where a high-resolution photographic image is intricately engraved directly onto the granite. This method is particularly suitable for upright monuments.

Another approach is the use of Duraphotos, where porcelain photos, available in both colour or black and white, are recessed into the monument, giving a vivid representation.

For those looking for optimal visibility and longevity, especially in cases where traditional etching might not be ideal, shadow-toned designs are an excellent alternative.

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