Benefits of Using Bronze For Memorial Markers

May 28, 2020

Benefits of Using Bronze For Memorial Markers

Headstones or grave markers are a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one. However, deciding the right kind of headstone can be a challenging task. There are various materials to make unique and beautiful monuments. One option is bronze. Its metallic brown hue makes it a desirable choice for a non-traditional memorial. Apart from its attractive appearance, it has various other advantages. To help you make the right choice, here we discuss the benefits of using bronze for markers and on headstones.


Bronze is a durable metal alloy made of copper, tin, and other metals. The high popularity of this material is due to the protective layer that resists corrosive environments. This protective coating is formed because of the high copper content, and it also plays a part in withstanding all the wear and tear caused by environmental exposure. This durability means that the marker of your loved one will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Low Maintenance

Due to their high resilience to corrosive elements, bronze memorial markers provide little maintenance. To protect them from oxidation, they are covered with protective layers. These layers make the cleaning process of bronze even easier. With routine cleaning of headstones, you can make them look their best for many years to come. To clean the bronze marker, use a soft dry cloth, non-ionic soap, and distilled water.


Bronze can easily be customized, and people often get the option of adding a removable plate or scroll. This allows professionals to add details of a surviving spouse after he or she passes away too. Its customizability also makes it the best option to add inscriptions, anecdotes, and other decorations like a motif to give it a more intimate look.

Beautiful and Long-Lasting Material

Bronze is a popular choice in memorial marker material because it is durable and long-lasting and provides almost the same level of customization as other materials but shines in a way that softly commands the respect your loved one deserves. Its brown metal hue gives a sophisticated look to headstones.

Timeless Appearance

Bronze is an elegant and beautiful looking metal. It looks timeless even after it has developed a patina. Even with grime and dirt on it, it looks shiny and presentable. Bronze has been a popular choice for hardware and money for over a thousand years. By selecting bronze for your loved ones’ headstones, you can rest assured that it will look classic, timeless, and clean for years to come.

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