Advantages Of On-Site Engraving For Your Monument

Advantages Of On-Site Engraving For Your Monument

On-site engraving is one of the most useful services when it comes to gravestones. When additional lettering is required on a memorial we can expertly match the font and engraving method of the original engraving. Instead of having the headstone removed from it’s location to add the new engraving, a better option is on-site engraving. This blog will discuss some of the reasons why on-site engraving is a better option.

Don’t have to move the monument

One of the biggest benefits of on-site engraving is that the monument remains at the site and there’s no need to move it for engraving at a monument shop. It, therefore, does not require extra effort for applying the engraving on the monument.

You can see it happening

Another advantage of choosing on-site engraving is that you can be present at the site and see it with your eyes. You can see it all happening in front of you and feel that you are involved throughout the process.

Personalized service

On-site engraving is a personalized service that offers loved ones more chances of customization. It makes them feel like they are doing something special for their loved one, who may not be with them, but still can receive and feel the gestures of love and care.

Avoids risks of damage

When the monument is removed from the cemetery for engraving, it exposes the monument to the risk of damage through chipping or scratching. Removing and then installing the monument may cause damage to the site as well. All these problems can be avoided by choosing on-site engraving.

Less time consuming

Detaching the monument from the site, taking it to the engraving site, and then taking it back to the site and installing it again takes time. You can save this time by hiring on-site engraving specialists, which include experts coming to the site of your monument and doing the engraving on the spot. Time can be a deciding factor in case there is a death anniversary or any other event coming up. When the loved ones need this job to be done within a specific time, on-site engraving is suitable and can come in handy. It does not take long for the professionals to complete the job as there is no transportation and other time taking processes involved.

Can match the original engraving style

On-site engraving offers another advantage, in that it enables the experts to retain the original engraving style on the monument. Experts can match the writing style that was done by your previous service provider. Truly professional engravers make it possible, due to their expertise, and can easily match the old engraving. In this way, the monument remains original even after on-site engraving.


As the engraving experts come to your monument’s site and add to the engraving there, there is less cost involved. It proves to be a more cost-effective option for people because it does not involve the cost of transporting the monument. So, from the cost perspective too, on-site engraving proves to be a viable option for the loved ones. For those who might think that is will cost a lot, the truth is that it is not the case. People on a budget can also express their love for their loved one by earning less and doing much more.

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