Advantages Associated With Selecting Granite Upright Monuments

Advantages Associated With Selecting Granite Upright Monuments

Granite upright monuments are among the most popular memorial options for memorializing one or two persons or even an entire family. These headstones have different properties compared to other grave markers. Memorial companies offer upright gravestones in various shapes and styles. They are also highly customizable, and you can customize them with different designs, colors, and inscriptions.

There are many benefits related to choosing upright granite monuments over other headstone types, which we will discuss here:

They Are Easily Visible From A Distance

When looking at the visibility of all monuments, upright monuments have a clear advantage. People visiting the cemetery can locate the monument more quickly than a pillow or a flat grave marker. This makes it more beneficial for elderly visitors to find the memorial but have mobility issues – they can see the name on the monument from a distance.

They Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions

Granite upright Monuments can withstand weather conditions better than other monuments. Sunlight, snow, and rain will not fall directly onto the monument’s face like they would on other monument types. These elements will hit the memorial at an angle, and the rain/snow will fall away on its own.

Ice and snow will not accumulate on the surface of the monument, meaning even in the winter, you will still be able to read the information on the upright monument.

They Are Available In Various Colors

Granite is a natural stone that comes in a variety of colors, such as blue pearl, regal red, amazon green, mountain rose, mahogany, britz blue, stanstead grey, and supreme black. This gives you an excellent opportunity to order your personalized granite upright headstone in almost any color combination to provide a fitting tribute to your recently lost loved one.

They Retain Their Original Look Over A Longer Period Of Time

An Upright Monument is more likely to stay looking newer over a longer period of time. This is because the weather conditions and other elements do not directly affect the monument’s face, as mentioned above. If there happens to be dirt, mud, or dust on the memorial, a good rain will usually remove all of this on its own, without you having to go and remove it yourself.

They Do Not Require Frequent Maintenance Or Restoration

Upright monuments do not require much cleaning or restoration work. Most of the cleaning happens when it rains as the rain hits the monument’s face and runs down the front, helping clean the memorial. The lack of restoration and maintenance work helps make them more cost-effective than looking after flat markers and pillow monuments.

More Cost-Effective Over Time

Granite upright headstones do not require as much cleaning, maintenance, or restoration when compared to other monument types. Elements such as dirt, dust, and debris are cleaned through natural occurrences, including wind and rain. That’s why the surface of upright gravestones made from granite does not deteriorate that quickly with time. This helps you save on the many expenses you would otherwise have to bear in the case of other monument types.

For these reasons, upright monuments are more widely selected memorials over other kinds of monuments. When you visit a cemetery, you will notice that upright headstones are the most preferred monument as they are the most prevalent in the cemetery.

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