3 Important Considerations For Choosing Headstones For Graves


When deciding on headstones for graves, there are three things to consider: types, materials, and costs. Summit Memorial’s team of experts is ready to help you with your options. Simply give us a call or stop by the office. But in the meantime, here’s what’s important to know!

Headstones For Graves – The Types

We offer three types of custom headstones for graves: flat markers, uprights, and pillows.

Flat Markers

These are gravestones that are generally flush to the ground and placed on a foundation. Flat maker gravestones come in a variety of exquisite designs and shapes. While typically the least expensive option, this style lacks the visibility of the other two choices: Uprights and Pillows.


Upright Monuments

These have much better visibility compared to flat markers and stand upright on a solid foundation. Visibility becomes important, particularly during the winter months when snow piles up. You can view our design portfolio of high-end upright monuments.

Upright Monuments

Pillow Monuments

These are a happy medium between the two monuments mentioned above. They lay on a foundation but are higher than ground level, with the monument raised like a pillow. They are sloped downward from the back to the front like a wedge. Our pillow monuments also have great variety in terms of size, design, and shape.

Pillow Monuments

Headstones For Graves – The Materials

Once you’ve chosen which type of headstone is best for your loved one, the next thing to consider is the material. Uprights are regularly made from granite but can be made from marble or stainless steel. Flat markers are available in both granite and bronze.

Different materials have different looks and different levels of durability. Not sure what material you want? Our experts can walk you through the look, feel, and aesthetic of the various materials in our showroom.

Headstones For Graves – The Cost

Costs are determined by a variety of factors, including materials, labour, lettering, polishing, engraving, and style. For example, because uprights use more materials and have a foundation, they cost more than flat makers. Flat markers typically are less expensive than upright monuments because they require less material and labour for engraving.

There are clearly many things to consider when picking headstones for graves. Feel free to browse our website and reach out to us so we can get working on the perfect headstone to memorialize your loved one.

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